Tuk Tuks in Lisbon

Is a Tuk Tuk ride in Lisbon worthwhile? The offer & current prices (2019) for a Tuk Tuk tour. Our tips for a Tuk Tuk Tour - save time & money ...read more
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Testing the “Lisboa Card” – is a purchase worth it?

The Lisboa Card is the official sightseeing pass of Lisbon. It is a combination ticket for local transport & free or reduced admission to sightseeing attractions. Is it worth buying?
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Sightseeing - How can I best discover the sights in Lisbon?

Much to see & little time - our tips. Discover Lisbon on your own. City tours & walks ...read more
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Local transport in Lisbon

Tickets, tariffs, and pricing – Which ticket option is best for me? Metro, bus, subway and tram. Current ticket prices

Historic tram line 28 (Eléctrico 28E)

The historic 28E tram is perfect for sightseeing in Lisbon. Route: Sights along the way. ...read more
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Discover Lisbon & vicinity by bike

Cycle paths and beautiful bike tours in Lisbon and surroundings. Tips for renting a bike. Day trip to the beach of Caparica...